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The Best Yoto Cards For 5-8 Year Olds

As Yoto’s grow in popularity more and more of us are recommending them to our friends. They have taken the UK by storm and it seems like they’re here to stay. While everyone is raving about their benefits for young children, Yoto actually has a lot to offer older children too.

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Alongside the podcasts and radio stations, there are a huge range of Yoto cards for older children to enjoy. Below are some of my recommendations, based on popularity and value for money.

The Best Yoto Story Cards For 5-8 Year Olds

Funny Bones

A selection of the ever popular Funnybones stories all on one card. 8 funny stories one after another to get the kids giggling.

Run Time: 36m

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Kate Winslett narrates the popular story of Matilda. Listen to how she uses her special powers to teach the grown ups in her life a lesson. A classic children’s story.

Run Time: 4hr 14m

A sketch of the top of a little girls head as she reads a book. She has a red ribbon in her hair

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Animal Stories

A picture of lots of cartoon animals in the wild with "animal stories" written above

Animal lovers can listen for hours to these 30 wonderful animal stories by Enid Blyton. All animals from house pets to pong wildlife are included.

Run Time: 4hrs 25m

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Funny Stories For 7 Year Olds

If they like utter silliness and big belly laughs then the Funny Stories cards are perfect. They will keep the kids giggling every time.

Run Time: 1hr 15m

A blue yoto cards with drawings of aliens on it

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5 Minute Spiderman Stories

A cartoon of spiderman swinging through the city

One of their favourite super heros in quick 5 minute stories. Some of his famous friends are featured too (Iron Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Widow).

Run Time: 1hr 15m

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The Best Yoto Song Cards For 5-8 Year Olds

For kids that prefer music to audiobooks there are lots of music Yoto cards to choose from. Below are some of the best music Yoto cards for kids aged 5 to 8.

Ready Set Go

Upbeat songs for kids with empowering messages. The songs encourage kids to be themselves and prepare themselves for greatness.

Run Time: 22m

A yoto card  with a black woman in a striped suit holding a large bunch of balloons

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The David Gibb Songbook

A cartoon of a man in dungarees playing the banjo with some animals in clothes dancing

Join David Gibb on a musical journey through his hilarious imagination. 13 songs that are silly and surreal.

Run Time: 41m

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Lifescore Music: Dreams Of Space

An immersive soundscape designed to help children relax. It works great for winding down at bedtime to when they need to take time out to decompress.

Run Time: 1h

A moon with some constellations

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Journey Jams

A sketch of a red car with a family in it with musical notes coming out the top

Fun songs all about travel. A great card for taking on long journeys. The songs are catchy and you’ll all be singing along.

Run Time: 36m

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Who’s In The Odd Socks?

Andy And The Odd Socks bring positive and up-lifting tunes to get kids in the right frame of mind. A great introduction to the Odd Socks band.

Run Time: 45m

A group of men and women with musical instruments on a yellow background

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The Best Yoto Card Bundles For 5-8 Year Olds

The best value Yoto cards often come in bundles. You get all of the cards in a series at one reduced price for hours of listening. Below are 5 of the best Yoto card bundles to occupy kids.

The Malory Towers Collection

Yoto cards fanned out. The top card has "Malory towers" written on it and a picture of a train and a young girl

The classic Malory Towers stories are still popular with children today. The 8 cards cover the books over one of the longest combined run times for a Yoto card bundle.

Run Time: 35hrs 38m

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The Planet Omar Collection

Enter the imagination of Omar and follow his hilarious adventures. There are 3 side splitting stories for hours of entertainment.

Run Time: 6hrs 6m

3 yoto cards in bright colours. The top one has a picture of a little boy and has "planet Omar" written on it

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Pixar Audio Collection

A stack of Pixar Yoto cards. The top card has A toy cowboy and astronaut from Toy story

6 of of everyone’s favourite Pixar movies. Includes Toy Story, Brace, Up, Soul, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc.

Run Time: 13hrs 17m

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The Discovery Bundle

An immersive learning bundle for inquisitive kids. 6 educational cards for kids who love to learn.

Run Time: 11h

6 Yoto cards. The top card has a picture of space and the sun

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The Boy Who Grew Dragons Collection

5 stacked yoto cards. The top card is orange and has a picture of a boy and a red dragon

5 stories following Tomas and his life with dragons. Listen in on his adventures in the wonderfully funny and sparky series.

Run Time: 18hrs 19m

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Looking For More Yoto Card Recommendations?

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