The world has changed, and while we hope things will eventually return to normal the timescale is still very unknown. We have all adjusted, exchanging Friday nights in the pub for Zoom calls with friends and working from home in our pyjamas. We have found new ways to do many of our day to day things – but the dating world is changing in ways we could never have predicted.

Online dating is nothing new, many people have met their partners on the Derbyshire dating site in the past, but going forward it’s not just the initial contact that is online – it is some of the dates too. The realities of dating during lockdown make things a bit difficult, but video call can be a great date idea – if you know how!

Have A Plan

Meeting someone for the first time can be awkward at the best of times, never mind only seeing them on a screen. Have a plan for your date in advance. Are you going to play a game? Do a virtual escape room? Watch a movie? Agree what you want to do and avoid any unnecessary awkwardness.

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Set An End Time

I am a firm believer of ending something before it goes bad. Ending on a high is more likely to leave you wanting more. Equally – if things aren’t going the way you had hoped and you find you’re not a good match then you’ve got an easy escape route. As mentioned above, having a set activity plan tends to give you a natural end point where it makes sense for you to sign off.

But Be Flexible

Just because you’ve said you’re going to chat for an hour doesn’t mean you can’t stay longer if things are going really well and you’re both enjoying yourselves! Or if you’re really not feeling it then say your goodbyes early – no one is going to make you stay if you’re not comfortable.

Make An Effort

It can be really tempting to wear your PJ’s on your bottoms – it’s not like they’ll see them anyway right? But getting dressed how you usually would for a date will get you in the dating mindset. Getting ready is part of the experience! If you would usually wear your PJs or joggers then fine – but if you wouldn’t then make a little effort. If nothing else it’ll make you feel good to get dressed up.

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Stick To Your Usual Dating Rules

When you finally meeting the person you made contact with through Derbyshire dating it doesn’t matter if you are meeting in real life or virtually – the usual dating rules apply! Don’t spend the whole date talking about your ex. Don’t be overly cocky. Ask questions, listen and try to genuinely be interested in what they have to say. Protect your privacy at first and be selective with who you choose to go on a date with. But most of all – have fun!

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