I have many happy memories of watching Fireman Sam as a kid. I can still sing the theme tune to myself and picture the original series as Sam saved the day in Pontypandy. JHogg and I both loved it when the boys started showing an interest in Fireman Sam and have thoroughly enjoyed reliving our youth – both on screen and with the toys.

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

The Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre is an easy to transport play-set of the Pontypandy fire station. It opens up to show the full fire station, complete with training dummy and pulley system and a working zipwire.

A Fireman Sam Rescue Centre in it's box
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What Is In The Box?

There is very little set-up needed which is a huge plus for me as a parent. The set is pretty much intact, but you do need to stick on a couple of stickers on the outside to get the full effect of the rescue centre. Included in the play-set is also:

  • Fireman Sam figure
  • Table and chair
  • Command centre computer

These are all able to move freely around the play-set. You can buy additional figures for the play-set which I think we might do for the boys at Christmas, but for the size of the set just the Fireman Sam figure alone is sufficient.

The stickers from a Fireman Sam play-set that need to be put in place.
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Fire Rescue Centre Features

There are a couple of features which make the rescue centre quite unique. The first is the working zip wire. You use the suction cup to stick it to a surface, and then Fireman Sam can zip down the wire to get to the rescue. He is easy to clip in and it’s a fun little feature. Zee loves the zip wire, but does complain that it is too short. I appreciate that this is probably a safety feature, but it’s hard to explain that to 4 year olds.

A Fireman Sam toy going down a zip wire
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Next to the zip wire you find the pulley and training dummy. Zee likes to pretend that the dummy is a real person that Fireman Sam is rescuing. It works well and he hasn’t had any issues getting it set up himself.

Fireman Sam figure standing on a ledge next to a pulled with a red stretcher and training dummy on it
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On the other side of the play-set is the fireman’s pole. Sam clips on and slips down the pole while it twists around. It is really easy to get Sam in and out of the clip, and in our house he has gone down the pole a disproportionate amount of times compared to the number of rescues!

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Sam can also chill out in the kitchen or open the door for the fire engine. The Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre has a carry handle, so you can fold it up and take it with you. I really like that feature for taking on holidays etc

Fireman Sam To The Rescue

We had actually picked up one of the Fireman Sam fire engines last month so that has been well used alongside the Fire Rescue Centre. You can see the Rescue Centre in action with some of the other vehicles and characters in the video below.

There is also a NEW Fireman Sam Special: Return of Norman-Man on Thursday 5th November at 5pm only on Cartoonito. Don’t miss it!

We were sent a Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre for the purposes of carrying out this review. All words and opinions are my own.