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Over the last few months I have noticed a real change in the things Piglet is interested in. He used to be very focussed on dinosaurs, PJ Masks and all things related to trucks and cars, but now it is all about bricks. We’ve built towers, houses, castles…. everything. The bricks we have at home are the larger style, and I thought we would have another year or so before we needed anything else. Wrong!

The last few weeks before the summer holidays he started coming home from nursery asking for the “little bricks”. He had dreams of more intricate structures, mastering his fine motor skills and moving on from the larger bricks. Nursery had fulfilled that desire for him, but with the holidays looming I realised I was going to have to do something to fill that need at home too. Luckily for me, Strictly Briks offered to send him a set to get started. But are they up to his standard?

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What Are Strictly Briks?

Strictly Briks are a range of brick sets and base plates that are compatible with all major brands, including LEGO®. There are Big Briks, which are great starters for little kids to use their imagination to build and play, and then there are the classic Briks like we have.

There is quite a selection of Brik packages available on the website, ranging from base plates which provide a steady base for all your creations, stackers to allow for multi level play, Brik sets and educational add ons. The basic kits come in grey, green and blue, but there are a bold choice of brick colours if you want them.

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Classic Stackable Trap and Gap Baseplate and Stackers

The set we having been trying out is the Classic Stackable Trap and Gap Baseplate and Stackers. The 4 pack contains two 10” x 10” stackable baseplates in grey and green, two 10″ x 10″ baseplates with traps and gaps in blue and grey, as well as 15 stackers. Priced at £21.99 it is one fo the more expensive sets, however it immediately a hit.

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I wanted for a dull day when Piglet’s cousins had come to play to get it out, always keen to have a wild card up my sleeve for when they get bored! Initially they set them all up as a tall tower, using small cars to push around and pretend it was a car garage using the ramps. This kept them busy for quite a while, but as is always the way when 3 kids are playing in a small space the squabbles soon started.

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With a bit of encouragement they rearranged the plates so they are only 2 high, but with a greater area to play on. Soon there was a high speed car chase, complete with trap doors and crashes galore. The boys played for ages together, taking turns building structures to smash in to and coming up with new ideas for the game. I love seeing their imaginations at work and construction toys are one of our favourite ways to foster that.

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Back at home Piglet asks for his Strictly Briks most days. Due to their size I keep it as an activity that he can only do when JJ is in bed. It not only keeps the little one safe from small parts, it also stops Piglet from getting bored from playing with the same thing too much. As things stand they are currently still as popular in his eyes as the day he first got them.

What Do We Really Think?

Well there’s no doubt about it – Strictly Briks are a hit with Piglet. The baseplates have stood up to his fairly rough play, and he is able to build small structures with the bricks with very little help. I don’t have a lot of experience of with the market leader, but my personal opinion is that Strictly Briks is a competitive alternative and we will surely be adding to our set soon.

We were sent a Strictly Briks Classic Stackable Trap and Gap Baseplate and Stackers, and a set of Briks, in order to carry out this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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