A child crouching next to a yellow toy dump truck on the beach.

Tonka Steel Bulldozer And Dump Truck | Review

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When the sun is shining (or even when it’s not) my kids want to be outside. They are forever requesting picnics and adventures and I love to nurture this love for the outdoors apart from one thing – the toys they take out get trashed. It’s not an intentional thing, but crashing cars and figures through the mud and rocks just doesn’t have great results usually.

The boys have been sent a Tonka Steel Bulldozer and Dump Truck to try out and see how they fare against the great outdoors. I can remember Tonka trucks from my childhood and their reputation for durability, so I was just excited as the kids to give them a go. We headed straight out to the beach, because where better to test out construction vehicles than in the sand.

Two children are playing on the beach with large yellow Tonka trucks. They are pushign them towards each other as if they are going to crash.
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Tonka Trucks Are Metal

Now if you’ve had a Tonka vehicle before this might seem like a really stupid statement, but both JHogg and I were surprised to find that Tonka trucks are metal. It makes a pleasant change from the usual flimsy plastic that many toys are made from these days, and gives the trucks a nice weight behind them.

A Tonka dump truck construction toy on the beach
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The trucks are designed for age 3+ and although I’m usually quite flexible when it comes to age recommendations on toys, I do think I would stick to that with the Tonka trucks. The moving parts in the dump truck in particular, combined with the fact it’s metal, lend itself trapped fingers. So it’s worth making sure your child has some spacial awareness when it comes to their own hands before leaving them to play.

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My boys were immediately drawn to the idea of pushing the trucks along the sand by leaning on the top. I didn’t feel concerned about them breaking them, as is so often the case, and it was nice to see a strong metal toy that would let the kids be kids stress free.

Durable Toy Trucks For Kids

So often I have to tell the kids they can’t take toys with them when we go to the beach, so they were thrilled when it was actually my suggestion to take the Tonka vehicles with us. They set to work with the bulldozer, pushing up the sand and creating piles wherever they went. We have had a lot of heavy rain recently and the sand was still very wet but the bulldozer handled it no problem.

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Of course, the dump trunk lends itself to filling with sand. It has been loaded up, pushed around, and emptied more times than I could ever count. The sand didn’t get stuck or clog up the wheels, it really withstood the rough play that comes with construction vehicle games. Even now, having had the trucks for around 3 weeks, they still look and work like they are brand new.

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Anyone with 2 kids knows that they fight, and toys are often caught up in the middle of it all. When they are feeling positive about playing together, the Tonka trucks were big enough for companionable play with the same truck. And when they weren’t getting on? The trucks have been tugged at, pushed, tossed and bashed in a bid to win ownership – and you’d never tell it to look at them.

Are Tonka Trucks Worth The Money?

We have had many vehicles over the last 5 years, and so far none of them come even close to the durability of Tonka. I can see that our trucks are going to last for years, despite some heavy use, and their use will grow along with the children. While their games might lack structure at the moment, over time I expect them to develop as they use their imagination more. And the Tonka toys will be ready to take it all on.

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How Much do Tonka Trucks Cost?

The dump truck retails for £29.99 and the bulldozer is £24.99. You can purchase Tonka toys from John Lewis.

We were sent a steel classics dump truck and bulldozer by Tonka for the purposes of creating this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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